Love is….

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Well obviously I’m not out being romanced, but I have had a bag full of chocolate given to me, better than a bunch of flowers any day & they taste better. I let Jimmy know I wasn’t getting him anything, but getting something for Anamour instead… I a bit mean??

Last week I had a lesson with Clive, it was great, Anamour was going really soft & I didn’t want it to end, he felt amazing. He was a bit stiff for it at my lesson on Thursday though, but it didn’t take long for him to loosen off, even in the outdoor in the cold & wet, can’t complain though because at least we’ve been able to ride & not had any hideous snow & ice, our island has been tropical compared to the rest of Britain.

On Saturday I did another Medium test, it was unaffiliated & I did it without my stirrups, I’m to ride all my tests without them now, I was pleased with the way he went, as it was a miserable cold, wet day again, we got 65% and I didn’t even need my test read out, I remembered it all….woohoo!! I’m really enjoying doing the medium tests & movements, I never even knew what a half pass was last year, Mr G has taught me so much in such a short space of time, he’s amazing & I’m so happy I found him….My Valentine xx