Celebrate Life…..

Well hello there, nearly a month into 2012. Twelve years have passed since my life changed, but every cloud has a silver lining. So many doors closed, but I can’t think about them, I have to look for all the doors that have opened too!!

We’ve had a pretty good start to the year, Mr G and I went away on the 6th January, was meant to be the 4th, but January weather decided we weren’t going that day. We travelled down to Vale View, where Dan, my brother-in-law, dropped us off, Mr G to his stable & me to my other home, The Cottage B&B, for the best scones ever!! We were competing on the 8th, so we managed to fit in a lesson on the Saturday with Julie. I was up the stables early, plaiting up & getting Mr G ready, he was quite hairy as I was planning to get him clipped beforehand, but because we were delayed there was no time & he had to keep his woolly coat for the comp. I found it quite difficult on my own, everyone else has their little network of people around them to help get ready, warm up, give advice after the test, or just moral support really. I’ve come to realise now though that I wasn’t alone, I have Mr G, he is the other half of my team isn’t he? My first test was “good” which totally isn’t good enough, I’m looking for brill, I just need to find the sparkle, so that’s what I’m going to work on. We did have a magic moment in one of my lessons at home, where I really felt Mr G come to life & lift up, so I’ve felt it, I just need to re-create it every time I get on…..if only it was that easy hey? Our second test we got 62%, it gave me lots to work on with Julie for my training throughout the week, ready for Myerscough the next Saturday.

Dan & Lauren came to pick me up on the Friday & we travelled up to New Barn Farm in Knutsford to stable Mr G for the night. It was up early on the saturday, I had Lol there to work her magic on the plaiting, we had Mr G looking super gorgeous in no time, it was bleeding cold though, a bit like it’s going to be this week…brrrr!

So off we went to Myerscough, Mr G in all his rugs, as he’d had his woolly coat clipped off by then, except for his goat legs, we left them hairy as he has mud to wade through at home. It was nice having support & Lol warmed him up while I got ready, I decided I’d try do my test without stirrups, I have dispensation for this, I can get him more forward without them & I have a much stronger & straighter seat. I thought the warm up test went well, could have been more forward so I worked on that before the second one with lots of transitions, I thought the second test was better. We got the results, 66% in the warm up & 64% in the qualifier, I was a bit disappointed because I thought I’d done better in the second test, that’s always the way though, when you think you’ve done well you haven’t & when you think you’ve done rubbish it’s good,  when I saw the sheet I totally understood the remarks though & know what I have to work on. I’m getting my looped reins this week, so I’m hoping they’ll make a difference as they won’t be able to slide through my hands & I’ll have a more consistent contact.

My next competition is a Medium test I think, local one, get a bit of practice doing the fun things, I’ve been getting Mr G flexible with carrot stretches, I reckon I could teach him to bow, extra marks if he salutes too maybe?? Off now to celebrate being alive, it’s better than feeling sorry for myself, you can’t change the past, or, as I like to say, “You can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust the Sails”